Top 8 Best Hot Tub Accessories to Invest in

Did you know that 7.3 million households own a hot tub in the United States? That’s a whole lot of people around the country soaking, relaxing, and enjoying the myriad benefits that spa pools provide. But not all hot tubs are made equal!

And one factor that separates the good from the bad is often the hot tub accessories that come attached. Trust us, from speakers and steps to covers and cooling capabilities, there’s no shortage of hot tub upgrades and accessories available. In fact, there are so many that it can be hard to know which ones to invest in!

Would you like some expert advice to help you decide what to buy? Well, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for a list of 8 incredible spa accessories to enjoy this summer.

1. Wireless Spa Sound System

The only thing better than relaxing in a hot tub? Relaxing in a hot tub that has music playing in the background! And that’s exactly what you get if you purchase a Bluetooth speaker system for your spa pool.

These handy waterproof devices let you stream music straight from the internet or listen to your very own library of tunes. Whether you’re hosting friends or enjoying some personal time in the tub, they’re the perfect accessories for any music lover.

2. Replacement Covers

Hot tub covers never last forever. With time and use, they inevitably start to show their age! Rips, tears, marks, and stains all begin to develop, impacting the cover’s appearance and performance in the process.

Take a look at the cover on your hot tub. If you’ve had it for a long time and it’s gone past a point of repair, then you could consider investing in a replacement. This might not be the most exciting hot tub accessory on this list, but it’s definitely a practical one!

3. Cover Lifters

Are you tired of removing your bulky, awkward spa cover by hand? Well, why not buy a cover lifter to make your life a little easier? With a Lift ‘N Glide cover lifter attached to your tub, for example, it couldn’t be simpler to remove the cover and hop into the pool.

These clever contraptions mean there’s no more heavy lifting required. You can shift the cover aside and rest it in position without having to put your back out! Even better, you’re less likely to damage the cover from throwing it off the tub and letting it fall to the floor.

4. Hot Tub Entry Steps

Getting in and out of your hot tub can be hazardous when you don’t have steps to help. You risk slipping, falling, and hurting yourself. For people who are older or have mobility issues, a lack of steps could make it impossible to ever access the spa pool in the first place.

That’s why we recommend buying a small set of steps to accompany your pool. They’re another example of a practical, safety-related accessory that’d enable everybody in the household to enjoy the tub.

5. CoolZone Technology

Hot tubs are an ideal addition to any home throughout the year. But they really come into their own during the winter and fall. You can sit back and soak in beautiful warm water, with crisp fresh air outside to cool you down.

What happens in summer, though, when the sun’s out, the weather’s hot, and you may not fancy bathing in hot water? CoolZone technology has been designed with this precise problem in mind. Invest in this system for your hot tub and you can heat and cool the water on a whim.

6. Cool Step Coolers

Cool step coolers are, well…cool. These amazing inventions are perfect for anybody who wants to keep their drinks cold while spending time in their hot tub.

Imagine a set of steps like any other, just with one exception: the top step’s hollowed out, creating a space to put your ice and beverages! You can then remove the lid that sits on top and reach in whenever you get too warm and want an ice-cold drink.

7. Wi-Fi Kits

We’ve all heard of smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches. But what about smart hot tubs? That’s exactly what you’d get if you invested in a spa pool Wi-Fi kit.

Install one of these clever devices and you’ll be able to control your hot tub’s functionality from your phone! You’d be able to switch it on at work so it’s ready when you get home, control the temperature, lights, and jets with the touch of a button, and track your energy usage with ease while you’re at it.

8. Wireless Monitors

Love watching films and TV series in the spa but don’t want to risk dropping your smartphone in there? Well, purchasing a wireless (and weatherproof) monitor could be the answer you’ve been looking for. With a crisp, high-definition display, you’ll be able to watch whatever you want with ease from the comfort of your hot tub.

The stand will make it easier to install and the anti-glare screen will prevent the sunlight from blocking your view. Oh, and there’s a vinyl cover to add even further protection against the elements.

Invest In These Hot Tub Accessories

Millions of Americans have a hot tub in or outside their homes. And for good reason! Spa pools are incredible places to entertain guests, relax after a hard day at work, and provide a host of wellbeing-related advantages as well.

Have you been trying to find ways to take your hot tub to the next level? Hot tub entertainment systems, accessories, and spa upgrades offer an unparalleled way to do it. With any luck, this article has shed some light on the best options at your disposal.

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