The Best Hot Tub Installation in Rochester MN: Your Ultimate Guide

In the United States, you have a choice of soaking in one of 7.3 million hot tubs. Of course, that means you’d need to know the owners of said hot tubs and that’s a lot of social connections.

Instead of adding yet another potential hot-tubbing friend to your social media accounts, why not just own one yourself? Do you live in Minnesota? Search hot tubs Rochester MN and you’ll discover other hardy people love getting their soak on too!

While that search likely won’t give you the names of fellow hot tub owners, it should show you that there are really hot tubs available in this frigid state.

If you’re dreaming about adding a hot tub to your life, you’ll want to read our guide to hot tub installation. It’s a brief guide, but in it, you’ll find information that we hope inspires you as you begin your hot tub journey.

Do People Even Use Hot Tubs in Rochester MN?

Knowing the climate here you might wonder if hot tub soaking is really a thing in Minnesota. That’s a resounding yes!

Most Minnesotans love the outdoors regardless of the season. Look at the number of people who enjoy ice fishing, sledding, and snowshoeing. Where else, besides Alaska do you witness people driving snowmobiles to the local market?

The point is people in Rochester love (and need) a hot tub.

What better way to enjoy a fresh snowfall than from your deck while submerged in a steamy, bubbling hot tub? Sure you can bundle up and face the cold, but it’s a little difficult to thoroughly enjoy the beauty when you’re buried under several layers of winter gear.

Also, despite those warm layers of protection, you still risk getting cold, and you’re not immune to catching a cold either. A hot tub helps you relax and relieve the stress (and pain) of Minnesota winters. The end result is often a stronger immune system.

Now, it’s safe to go ahead and pick out the perfect hot tub!

Start with a Solid Foundation

Now that we’ve cleared up any doubts about the need for a hot tub here in Minnesota, and you’ve decided which model you love most, you’ll need to create a foundation — the place where you’ll locate your new hot tub.

You can place a hot tub outdoors or indoors. A patio, deck, or under a pergola or gazebo all make great hot tub locations. Your home and landscape design play significant roles in determining where you install the hot tub.

That said, you’ll need a level surface or pad for it to sit on. Most people choose a concrete pad or reinforced wood deck, but pads constructed from pavers, wood and gravel slabs, and even heavy-duty plastic make excellent foundation solutions too.

Don’t forget about structural support! Without water, a six-person hot tub can weigh around 1000 lbs. Full, the weight increases to around 6000 lbs. and that’s minus the people who likely average around 175 lbs. each.

Your hot tub dealer knows the specific foundation and structural requirement for your model and can advise you on creating the most solid and safe foundation.

Rules for Hot Tub Installation

Some hot tubs are considered plug-and-play but that doesn’t mean you won’t have rules to follow before you can start soaking.

In Minnesota, you’ll need to follow the property line rules. Homeowners must place the tub a minimum of 5 feet from their property line.

It’s also possible you’ll need a safety barrier around your hot tub if you place it outdoors. Your local building code department may let you install a cover and call it a day.

Your best go-to resource for hot tub installation rules in Rochester? Your hot tub dealer, of course!

Electricity and Hot Tubs

Remember, we just mentioned the plug-and-play hot tubs you can buy? A plug-and-play model uses 110V of electricity and it’s possible all you’ll need to do is plug it into your backyard electrical outlet.

The 220V models have entirely different set-ups as far as electrical needs. They require help from an electrician who can make sure you have enough electricity to power the hot tub.

You’ll also need the electrician to run the wires from the electrical panel inside your home to the hot tub. Before you fall in love with a particular model, chat with your hot tub dealer. They know the ins and outs of the 110V and the 220V electrical configurations and can help you understand the requirements for the model you select.

By now, you’re wondering how to find the best person to install your tub, right? Read and we’ll reveal our secret.

Search for Installing Hot Tubs Rochester MN

Finding the ideal installer for your hot tub isn’t too difficult. Open up your search tool on your computer, type in hot tubs Rochester MN and you’ll get an array of information about hot tub dealers and installers.

That said, begin with your hot tub dealer. Most dealers don’t only sell hot tubs, they also install them.

If you’re buying an already loved hot tub, you should consider hiring someone to install it. With the electrical requirements and the other safety considerations, it’s a job most DIYers can do, but perhaps, they shouldn’t tackle on their own.

If you’re looking for an installer keep the following things in mind.

Make sure your installer carries liability insurance. If they’re licensed and bonded, it’s a plus!

Ask for referrals. A good installer isn’t afraid to provide the contact information for previous customers. If you get referrals, take the time to contact them — it’s one more layer of assurance that you’re hiring a reliable installer.

Ready to Buy and Install a New Hot Tub?

Now that we’ve unraveled a few of the mysteries about installation, you should feel more prepared to choose your new hot tub.

Decide on the location, make sure you understand your local building code rules and regs, take care of the electrical work, and get ready to soak.

If you use the search term hot tubs Rochester MN, you’ll find us! We sell and service hot tubs and can also help with installation. Contact us today and let us help you enjoy the benefits of owning a hot tub!