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Transform Your Backyard Entertainment Into Your Dream Spa

Are you ready to create an outdoor oasis that you never want to leave? Your backyard has the potential to become the tranquil, peaceful spot of your dreams, where you can release the stress of the world and truly escape. Thankfully, you don’t have to completely overhaul your existing space to transform it in this way. All it takes are a few strategic additions, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do the makeover sooner. Today, we’re sharing a few of our top ways that you can amplify your backyard entertainment area and turn it into the dream spa you deserve!

Install a Home Spa or Pool

Where do you go when you want to indulge in a little TLC? The spa, of course! What if you could enjoy the same glorious relaxation just steps away from your home?

With a home spa, you can.

These luxurious hot tubs include special features such as full-body massaging jets, spacious seating, and lots of legroom. Should you go all-out with our largest Highlife Collection spa? Or, do you prefer a smaller-scale model that’s perfectly built for two?

With a spa, you can design the ideal backyard experience you want to have. Some love an oversized model that’s great for hosting large gatherings while others opt for a more intimate two-seater that’s ideal for a romantic date night in.

We have plenty of options in our online shop, and we encourage you to browse our full collection!

If you’re thinking of something a little more large-scale, we can also help you find the perfect above-ground pool. Perfect for anyone who wants a pool but doesn’t want to invest in an in-ground model, these are well-built, attractive, and available in a range of styles and sizes. You can check out our line Doughboy and Splash SuperPools above-ground pools online.

Add Some Privacy

Can you clearly see neighbors peering into your yard? If so, it can be a little difficult to kick back and relax. If this is the case, you can easily add a little privacy to the area by installing tall shrubbery, small trees, or even a vertical garden.

Depending on your setup, you can also add a privacy fence or hang outdoor curtains around your outdoor living space. These features can also help keep your yard nice and shady, and serve as natural wind and sound barriers!

To complement your serene setting, consider planting annuals that will display gorgeous colors all year long. Here are some landscaping ideas to help you get started!

Invest in Patio Furniture

A show-stopping backyard is only beneficial if you and your loved ones can actually use it. You need great-quality patio furniture to make your space as practical as possible.

From loveseats and sectionals to chairs, ottomans, and umbrellas, there are a ton of different arrangements, styles, and materials to fit any personal aesthetic. When choosing your pieces, think about the number of people that you typically enjoy hosting at your home.

If you’re known for big gatherings, then you might need a spacious modern set, such as the Creighton Owl Lee. Or, if your dream evening is curling up solo with a book and cup of coffee, then a classic Adirondack from Seaside Casual might fit the bill.

Once you have your main pieces in place, don’t forget to add plenty of blankets, throw pillows, and rugs to turn the cozy factor up a notch. You want to create a space that invites lounging and lingering, even if you’re the only one doing so!

Consider a Sauna

If you’ve ever visited the sauna at your local gym, then you know how truly relaxing and enjoyable they can be. Did you ever consider installing one in your backyard?

Besides the obvious stress relief that you feel almost immediately, saunas offer many other health benefits that range from improved cardiovascular health to toxin removal. Traditional Finnish saunas use a heater and rocks, while infrared saunas use infrared heaters to create infrared light, which delivers radiant heat. Then, there are InfraSaunnas that offer a 2-in-1 hybrid of both models.

If you have the space at home, adding an outdoor sauna can transform the area into a true spa. You’ll never have to go far to experience the soothing and healing power of heat.

Add Peaceful Lighting

Nothing ruins a tranquil night in the backyard like harsh fluorescent lighting. Instead of relying on overhead porch lights to set the mood, you can soften the environment by stringing lights around the posts or along the ceiling.

You can also install outdoor lanterns or even light a few candles to deliver a near-instant rush of calm. If you plan on entertaining in your backyard often, then it’s worth hiring a landscape architect to permanently install outdoor lighting that meets your needs.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

There’s just something special about dining alfresco. However, when it’s time to relax and enjoy a meal, that usually means running back and forth between the patio and the kitchen, grabbing food, putting dishes away, and refilling drinks.

With a custom outdoor kitchen, you’ll only have to move a few feet to take care of everything. You can prepare a meal from scratch and clean it up without ever stepping foot back inside your home. This makes entertaining a breeze and helps your guests feel right at home.

Check out the beautiful kitchens you can dream up with Summerbrook Outdoors, all made from real stone!

Step Up Your Backyard Entertainment Zone

When you think of your perfect backyard, do you envision a lounging poolside with just a few friends? Or, do you want to create a space that’s so epic it will quickly turn into the neighborhood hotspot?

Either way, you can supercharge your backyard entertainment area when you add these incredible spa-like features. When you’re ready to start shopping, we’re your go-to spot for everything pool, spa, and patio-related. Take a look at all of our products and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!