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What is the Best Above Ground Pool? 3 Ideal Options and Their Features

It’s time for fun in the sun! Having your own pool offers privacy and security that can only be found at your home. Whether you are looking to just relax or be the ultimate summer party host, there’s a pool for you.

Wondering what is the best above-ground pool for your home in Rochester, MN? Let us show you how to pick the right one for your yard and family.

Here are three quality options to consider from Thatcher Pools.

What Is the Best Above Ground Pool For You?

An above-ground pool offers an affordable option compared to traditional in-ground pools. You can save a lot of money avoiding costly excavation.

Today’s above-ground pools may surprise you with long-lasting materials and great features.

Here are some points to consider when choosing an above-ground pool for your home.

Pool Sizes

There are two important factors to consider when choosing the size of a pool.

Think about how you use your yard. Do you and your friends like to hang out around a fire pit in cooler months? Is part of your yard used for ball games? If you are a gardener, how can you carve out space that will allow your pool to complement your landscaping?

The greater the pool size, the greater the cost and time spent on maintenance.

Think about your budget for water treatment and mechanical upkeep. You may also choose to purchase a professional maintenance service that will save you time and money by having the pool functioning at its best throughout the season.

Above-ground pool sizes come in a variety of shapes and decorative features that will complement the use of your yard and maintenance budget.


The average depth of an above-ground pool is 4 feet. Obviously, diving and jumping can be a hazard with this level of depth.

There are other safety concerns that you need to consider from the materials the pool is made from.

Avoid accidents from slips and falls by shopping for a pool that is made from materials that prevent the growth of mildew and other fungi.

Ask about types of metal used. Are they rust-proof? How are supports constructed to avoid breaks and sharp edges?

An above-ground pool must have strong walls. This is especially important if you have active swimmers that may bump up against walls when playing games.


Winter in Minnesota can be severe. Ask about pools that are made from material that can withstand freezing temperatures and resist fading from the elements.

For above-ground pools that remain outside all year, a strong cover is a must.

A pool company experienced with the weather in MN will be able to give you professional advice on how to protect the best permanent above-ground pool for years to come.

Types of Above Ground Pools

Decades of experience in studying pool materials and the needs of consumers have led to great advancements in the technology used to create the best above-ground pool. Here are 3 quality choices.

Doughboy Above Ground Pools

Doughboy has had great success in offering the highest quality of materials and strength in above-ground pools for over 65 years.

Above ground pools by Doughboy come in 4 steel patterns and 5 resin patterns. The options in liner patterns and wall designs are beautiful! Here’s just one example.

You can choose from oval or round designs. There are multiple sizes and depths that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Looking for a deep above-ground pool? A unique feature that Doughboy offers for many of their models is the Exclusive “True” Expandable liners. This type of liner allows you to gently slope the depth of your pool to 7 feet.

Exclusive Therma Seal Technology used on liners is covered by a 100% lifetime seam warranty.

Trust Doughboy to provide superior strength and longevity.

SuperPool Above Ground Pools

SuperPool has over 30 years of experience testing pool materials for extreme weather conditions all over the world.

Pools come in 7 standard sizes with the option of having a custom-sized pool created just for you.

For a superior liner that will help prevent accidents from slips and falls, SuperPool has created a special liner material that resists mildew and prevents dirt from attaching to the liner material. The liner is also UV protected.

The pool is constructed from zinc coated steel. All metal that comes in contact with the water is made of stainless steel. The structured supports give SuperPool a unique look that you will recognize right away.

Radiant Pools

If you’re looking for a pool manufacturer that is environmentally friendly, look no further than Radiant Pools. Their unique design features a strong, insulated pool that saves you energy costs. Furthermore, 50% of their operating energy comes from solar resources.

Most of all, Radiant Pools are impressive in strength. Check out this video demonstration.

Radiant Pools come in a wide variety of shapes.

An outstanding warranty is offered with all Radiant Pools. It is a 100% lifetime and transferrable warranty. If you sell your home, the warranty follows the new owner. This warranty adds resale value to your home.

Let the Summer Fun Begin!

So, what is the best above-ground pool for your home? We hope the tips in this guide have given you some important points to consider and the excitement of having your very own pool.

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