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Use Your Pool to Stay In Shape: 5 Awesome Benefits of Water Exercise

The number one sign of a quality market is its growth. The hydrotherapy industry’s expected to hit $3.7 billion by 2026. That means more people are learning the benefits of water exercise.

Water’s used in many ways by manipulating its temperature and form. Whether you’re a natural swimmer or you’re new to pool fitness, water’s essential for healing and health.

Methods like cryotherapy, steaming, saunas, and aquatic therapy prove that water’s an effective ally for wellbeing.

If you’re looking to stay in shape, two words: pool fitness. The many benefits of water exercise can start in your backyard.

Here’s what to know.

Benefits of Water Exercise

Given that hydrotherapy and aquatic therapy are effective for rehabilitation, imagine what it can do for your fitness goals. Triathletes, runners, and all kinds of people use pool fitness to aid their physical health.

Aside from the physical benefits, water exercises are a fun way to switch up your workout routine. Here’s how to know if pool exercises are right for you.

Whether you’re a religious athlete or have a hard time getting to a gym, pool fitness makes it so you only need to walk outside. Consider these main benefits of water exercise to know for yourself.

1. Aids Physical Conditions

If you have any of the following conditions, water exercises can keep you in shape without threat.

It’s hard to find a condition that can’t benefit from pool exercises. No more stomping on concrete or lifting strenuous weights. Pool fitness kickstarts your body’s natural healing ability.

Water therapy also proves how simple and effective resistance training is. Pool fitness systems are different than recreational pools. They create currents up to 5,000 gallons per minute to mimic swimming in the ocean as well as swimming in place.

Where else can you have that experience?

Not only can you craft your workouts to fit your needs every day, but you can work out with your kids in eye-sight. Pool fitness systems make it so you don’t have to choose between family time and working out. What’s better than that?

2. Builds Endurance

Building endurance in a pool’s not like on land. The benefits of running differ from the benefits of water exercises. That’s why triathletes show extreme endurance by managing both.

Endurance speaks to the quality of your performance, both in duration and difficulty. Swimming offers a whole-body overhaul—it works all muscles, ligaments, joints, and tissues.

Water exercises build muscle and respiratory endurance. The simplest exercises like leg lifts, marching, arm raises, and jumping jacks are sure to get you in shape. Holding your breath can build your lung’s capacities and transform your oxygen levels.

3. Strengthens Muscles

Building endurance makes strong muscles. Strong muscles perpetuate the cycle of having the endurance to perform.

Building strong muscles on land may not translate into being a fit swimmer. But being fit from water exercise does translate to other modes of fitness.

4. Helps Tension and Inflammation

Swimming’s a cardio and aerobic exercise, influencing the heart and lungs. If you’ve ever heard athletes referring to leg day, they’re separating their cardio days from aerobic weight lifting. Pool fitness systems let you do both.

If you have injuries, knots, aches, tension, or inflammation, water restores balance and blood flow. Instead of pushing your body on iffy days, try gentler water exercises.

No matter your physical condition, water can meet you where you are at any time. You can use fitness pool systems to train, maintain, and rehabilitate your body—and often all at once.

5. Safe on the Body

60% of the human body’s made of water. For that reason alone, it makes sense we resonate with water treatments. Water matches our natural state and in response, we thrive.

Contrary to societal athletic pressures, the goal’s to do no harm to the body. Sustainable wellness needs a healthy body.

Pool fitness systems let you experiment with the following modes of exercise.

Having an endless pool in the yard makes your fitness potential endless. They’re ready for you whenever you’re ready for it.

Elemental Medicine

Besides drinking water, when else do you interact with water for fitness? If you steam or sauna after your on-land workouts, you know the benefit of water. Water methods can be equally recreational as they are strategic to your physical health.

Consider transforming your whole workout with water from start to finish. How might your health improve then?

There’s a gap in perception when it comes to pool fitness. People think swimming’s fun or competitive. You don’t have to be a swimmer to benefit from water exercises.

Pool fitness systems let you revolutionize your experience with both of those things: water and exercise.

If you’ve never considered the benefits of water exercise for your wellbeing, now’s the time. Investing in an endless pool’s investing in your health and life.

Where There’s a Pool There’s a Way

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you have access to the benefits of water exercise. There are lasting, holistic impacts of pool fitness, one of which is a greater connection to yourself.

Administering your own fitness program means honoring how you’re feeling that day. What do you need? What types of water exercises will give that to you?

Taking psychological, emotional, and physical inventory’s an added bonus of pool fitness. The technology itself has features to aid your workouts, as you learn what helps you look and feel the best. Who knew water was such an experience?

Get in touch today to see which endless pools mirror the endlessness of your potential.