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The 3 Best Above Ground Pools You Can Buy

Overwhelmed with all the choices of aboveground pools today? Thatcher Pools is here to help!

There are a ton of benefits of having an above-ground pool such as easy maintenance, variety of size options, tons of accessories, and fast installation! You can even customize your pool by adding a deck and other cool features. But – all pools aren’t created equal.

If you want to make sure you and your family can enjoy your pool for many summers to come, you need to make sure you choose the best above ground pool for your needs.

Stick with us as we run through our picks for the top three above ground swimming pools you can buy.

Radiant’s Metric Series offers incredible flexibility. You can install them above ground, opt for a semi-inground pool, or place them completely inground. You can even build them into a hill or slope.

Whether you want a round, oval, rectangle, emerald, or freeform pool, you can get the look you desire! 

These pools feature R-10 insulation which holds in the heat from the sun, giving you up to 2 extra months of swimming pool enjoyment each year! You can also choose from a variety of wall and liner patterns. 

Some of the unique features that sets the Radiant pools apart from other abovegrounds is the option for vinyl covered features such as steps, benches and sundecks, similar to what are found in inground pools. There are endless customized options to build the perfect pool for you and your family.

Doughboy Pools have been around for 75 years, making them the oldest above ground pool manufacturer. They make some of the highest quality pools on the market. 

It comes with a lifetime limited warranty and features Therma-Seal technology to give you maximum quality and durability. Their “True” Expandable Liners also allow you to add an extra 6-foot deep swimming area!” 

Choose from various wall and liner patterns to get the best look to compliment your backyard.

You can choose from a round pool in sizes from 12’ x 16’ all the way up to 32’ or an oval pool ranging from 20’ to 41’. Doughboy pools don’t require a completely flat area, excavation can be done

 to make accommodations for uneven ground. 

If you’re worried about up-keep, the Doughboy skimmers have more skimming surface area and a basket that is twice the size of the competition, making maintenance easier.

If you are looking for a pool that is quick and easy to set up, SuperPool by Splash is one of the best outdoor pools you can get. It comes in seven different rectangular sizes (SuperPool) and four round sizes (Omega). 

Rectangular models are easy to build a deck around due to the shape and fact that they don’t have any coping to get in the way, giving it a clean finish and looking more like an inground pool.

Splash Pools are best built on flat ground. They cannot be partially buried or installed on uneven surfaces. 

These pools feature an incredibly strong and durable liner and a zinc-coated pool structure that’s strong enough to stand up to years of use. Splash Superpools are backed with a 20 year limited warranty. 

Splash Pools also have a special coating that protects the pool against UV light, deters the growth of mildew and other fungi, and prevents dirt from attaching to exposed areas. 

If you don’t like the location, Splash pools can easily be taken down and put back up somewhere else. 

Unlike most soft-sided pools, they do not need to be taken down during the winter months.

Above Ground Pool examples with stairs

Deciding Which Pool is Right for You

As you evaluate your options, you’ll want to carefully consider the following features for your above ground pool:

  • Pool Location- Whether your yard is flat or hilly can affect the best type of pool for your space. Thatcher Pools offers free site inspections to help determine which pool will work for your backyard. 
  • Accessories – A heater can be added to any of the above pools, extending your swim season. Thatcher Pools include properly sized pump and sand filters with every pool to ensure clear water and easy maintenance compared to soft sided pools that usually come with undersized cartridge filters that need to be constantly cleaned and replaced. 
  • Size – when choosing your size, you’ll want to consider how many people are in your household and whether you want to do things like swimming laps or playing games. It is also important to ensure the pool fits in your yard, while maintaining distances from property lines and buildings, following codes laid out by your city or county. 
  • Materials – stainless steel frames are the standard at Thatcher, but there are other options available. Plastic is less expensive but will only last you a few summers. Inflatable above ground pools are the least expensive but also the least durable.

Looking for the Best Above Ground Pool? We Can Help!

Now that you know more about the three best aboveground pool options, you’re ready to make your decision and get started on your pool project. Still not sure which one is best for you? Give us a call or shoot us an email!

Best of all, we also have great financing options, so don’t delay. Contact Thatcher Pools today or come by our showroom to check out our great inventory of above ground pools.