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Radiant Pools: 8 Things to Love About Energy Efficient Pools

Did you know that last June ended up being the hottest month in the last 127 years?

As the summers continue to get hotter, you’ll wish that your home had a refreshing pool you can cool off in. Pools are often the perfect way to heighten a celebration, such as a birthday party or New Year’s bonanza. Better yet, you can cook up some margaritas, get on a float, and keep the pool all to yourself.

Are you wondering why you should invest in Radiant Pools that are energy efficient? Keep reading to learn all about 8 things to love when it comes to energy-efficient pools.

1. You Can Save Money

One of the most exciting aspects about energy-efficient Radiant swimming pools is that they essentially pay for themselves. Average swimming pools can end up giving you high utility bills. In that sense, you never stop paying for your pool.

However, an energy-efficient one will lower your bill and allow you to save. With that extra cash, you could end up getting a lot of pool toys for the kids or even put the money toward a jacuzzi so that the adults can have fun.

2. You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One thing that’s contributing to hotter summers is climate change. In fact, humans are pumping out almost 10 billion metric tons of carbon pollution from fossil fuel activity alone.

By investing in energy-efficient inground pools, you can make sure your carbon footprint is as small as possible. That way, the climate won’t get to a point where the water in above-ground pools completely evaporates.

3. You’ll Get More Enjoyable Swims

Since these types of pools are so efficient, you won’t have to wait around every time you want to hop into the pool. Not only is the wait time for heating and cooling reduced, but it can also stay at the optimum temperature with ease.

You won’t have to dip your toe in anymore to test if the pool is ready to be enjoyed. Rather, you should feel free to dive in and let all of your stress melt away.

Another way a pool can be energy-efficient is by being insulated. With the best insulation, the heat will be kept in the water for a much longer period of time, which also eases the amount of work your pump has to do. This is one reason why the Radiant Pools cost is so worth it.

4. It’s Less Maintenance

Pools can often take a lot of energy to heat. When you have a pump that isn’t energy-efficient, it’ll have to work overtime to compensate for that inefficiency. Not only will this decrease the general lifespan of your pump, but it will also cause it to need more and more repairs.

Instead of shelling out money on a regular basis to keep your low-quality pump running, it’s much better to invest in an energy-efficient one that will last for countless summers.

The last thing you’d want is to go for a swim only to find out that your pool is broken. Being wet and cold as you call a repair company is not the ideal summer experience.

5. It’s Quieter

It can be hard to get into a meditative and relaxed mood in your pool if the pump is too loud.

Any reputable Radiant Pools dealer will tell you just how quiet an energy-efficient pool pump is. If you ever end up hearing your pump, it’ll be like the purring of a cat. This is a huge upgrade compared to traditional pumps that can sound like anything from a Boeing 747 jumbo jet to a miniature hurricane.

6. It Can Get You Rebates

After you’ve completed a pool installation, you should look into rebates that are being offered to homeowners who have energy-efficient equipment. This is yet another way you can reduce the overall cost of your wonderful investment.

Aside from rebates, there’s also the possibility of tax incentives. The exact nature of tax incentives and rebates will depend on the state you live in. It’s a good idea to do some research ahead of time and see how much more money you can save on your pool.

7. It Retains More Water

No matter what kind of pool you have, it’s natural for the pool to lose water for a variety of reasons. Reduced rain, humidity, wind, evaporation, and many other factors can contribute to a loss of water.

Having a half-filled pool will only give you half the amount of fun. You’ll be glad to know that an energy-efficient pool is much better at retaining water. That way, you won’t have to deal with the chore of filling up your pool all the time.

8. It Also Retains More Chemicals

Aside from the water level, there’s the question of chemicals. As the treated water is lost because of the weather and other factors, the chemicals will go with it.

In order to maintain a healthy pool, it needs chlorine, pool shock, bromine, and biguanide. If your pool doesn’t have enough of these or none at all, then you can expect it to turn into something that resembles the Everglades. At that point, the pool will only be pleasant for bugs and swamp monsters.

With an energy-efficient pool, you can save time and money by not having to pour chemicals into it all the time.

Are You Ready to Dive Into Radiant Pools?

Now that you’ve learned all about 8 things to love when it comes to energy-efficient pools, you can invest in Radiant Pools. This will take your parties and other home celebrations to a whole new level. Simply put, your friends will be begging to move in with you.

Thatcher Pools and Spas Inc. can provide you with the best Radiant Pools on the market. Why stop there when you can invest in fitness systems, saunas, and other pleasures that allow you to live your best life?

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