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Pool Party Prep List

Hosting a party this summer? Your pool will need to be in tip top shape for you and your guests. Use this handy checklist to get yourself ready!

7-14 Days Out:

If your water is green/cloudy and/or your balance is out of whack, it takes time to get it back to perfect. Bring your water into Thatcher for testing and let us help you get your water crystal clear!

No matter how badly we want to help, trying to fix your water a day or two before a party is going to end in disappointment. Give your pool the time it needs to balance and yourself a little breathing room!

2-3 Days Out:

It’s time to do a little cleaning, in and around the pool!

Clear debris, dirt, and overgrowth from your patio and pool surround. This gives your guests a lovely area to lounge about, and helps limit the amount of debris they track into the pool. 

Skim the top of your pool. Leaves, flowers, and more not only create a less inviting pool but can also throw off your balance you worked so hard on.

Vacuum your pool. Now that you’ve cleaned around the pool, vacuum or drop in your robotic cleaner to get those particulates that are kicking around at the bottom of your pool.

Add some fun! Be sure to pick up some pool noodles and floaties for your guests to enjoy. Head over to our online store and order a few for pick-up!

1 Day Out:

Set the scene! Start putting out your décor and additional lighting. Adjust your furniture for guest comfort and to create conversational areas. Put out citronella candles. Doing this the day before gives you less to worry about on party day!

Party Time! Be The Host With The Most:

The day has arrived! Most of your guests will likely come prepared for a pool party, but be sure to go the extra mile and have some additional towels and sunscreen available for your party goers. And hey, we are known for our mosquitoes here in Minnesota, so a little bug spray might not be a terrible idea either. 

You’ll spend your morning doing food prep and filling coolers with ice and drinks. But once the party starts, you should have some time to relax! Especially since you did all this prep work ahead of time. Sit back and enjoy your beautiful pool and patio with your friends and family.

Party Time! Be The Host With The Most:

Now that the party is over, your pool might be struggling a little. With all the sunscreen, makeup, body oils, and possible food or drink spills, your chemistry is going to need some help to bounce back to healthy levels. 

It’s a great idea to get your water tested the next day (or as soon as possible). You may need to add extra chemicals after having so many people in your pool or spa. It could be as simple as adding shock and brushing your pool to snap it back, but your water test will tell us everything that’s needed to keep your pool and spa balanced.

Don’t have time to visit us after your party? Here are some of our most commonly recommended products for post party water issues:

Seeing lots of oil or sunscreen on the water? Add Pool First Aid.

Is your water hazy and you can’t see the bottom? Burnout and Lo n’ Slo are the pair you may need.

You’ve troubleshooted your water issue and added your chemicals? Backwash your pool 24 hours after adding your water treatments to circulate everything.