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How to Enclose Your Endless Pool for Year-Round Exercise and Enjoyment

When you’re thinking of fun ways to stay fit, swimming should be at the top of the list. There’s no feeling like gliding through open water, building endurance with what feels like minimal effort. But swimming is often considered a summer activity. And keeping swimming-fit is difficult to do when you don’t have space for a lap pool or an endless pool.

What if you could use your swimming pool all-year-round in the comfort of your own backyard? Endless Pools are known for their convenient size, slick design, and countless other benefits. With the right pool covering you could add year-round use to the list. Keep reading for some ideas on how you can enclose your Endless Pool to enjoy it rain or shine.

What Is an Endless Pool?

Research has shown that swimming provides the perfect full-body workout. It’s one of the best ways to reach your fitness goals, especially if you’re a beginner, suffer from any injuries, or you have a disability. Swimming is ideal because it gets your heart rate up without putting too much strain on your body.

Swimming is also excellent for your mental well-being. It’s been proven to boost your mood, help with insomnia, and even slow dementia and cognitive decline. If you want all the benefits of swimming but you don’t have space for a large pool, Endless Pool Fitness Systems are your solution.

These above-ground fitness machines are easy-on-the-eyes and are perfect additions to small yards or sunrooms. They’re also much less of a hassle to maintain than larger pools.

The Endless Pool Fitness System uses a custom-made hydraulically powered propulsion system to create a flowing current. This perfectly mimics the feel of swimming on open water in a compact space! You even have the option of fitting a hydraulically-powered underwater treadmill.

Coming in varying depths and sizes, Endless Pools are ideal exercise pools. Swim laps for a gentle form of cardio that’s safe for most injuries and all levels of fitness.

Why Should I Enclose My Endless Pool?

Once you’ve experienced the feeling of swimming through open water in a small pool, you’re going to want to get as much use out of your Endless Pool as possible. One sure way to do this is to install a pool enclosure. These are just some of the benefits of installing a pool covering.


With a covered pool, swimming won’t be limited to the summer months. Depending on the type of covering you choose, you’ll most likely be able to use your Endless Pool throughout the year. This means you can swim laps in every season and even stay swimming-fit in those freezing winter months!

Covering your Endless Pool will trap heat and maintain its temperature. A pool covering will also protect you from the outside elements so you can swim in the rain or even the snow.

UV Protection

Even cloudy days are cause for concern when it comes to sun damage and your skin. This is why it’s always a good idea to cover your exercise pool, especially if you use it often.

Pool covers filter harsh UV rays and lessen their harmful effects. While a pool cover will provide some protection from the sun, it’s still important to always use sunscreen and limit sun exposure when the sun is at its hottest around midday.

Easy to Maintain

Covering your Endless Pool makes it so much easier to maintain. You won’t have to waste your time fishing out leaves and bugs with a pool net. Covers save you time and effort by keeping out debris and critters. Covering your pool ensures that it is always clean and swim-ready.

Safety First!

With any pool, it’s important to consider the safety of young children and pets. Although Minnesota state law only requires fences for in-ground pools, it’s still best practice to keep a pool covered when you’re not using it to avoid any accidents.

How to Enclose your Endless Pool

When it comes to enclosing your Endless Pool, there are ideas for every space and season. The type of pool enclosure you choose will depend on the location of your pool and how frequently you plan on using it. Let’s explore some options for Endless Pool enclosures.

Telescopic Enclosures

A telescopic enclosure refers to a shell-like glass structure that can easily be retracted and expanded to cover your pool. These coverings are trendy and easily fit into any indoor or outdoor space. Telescopic enclosures are a popular choice as they’re easy to use and relatively inexpensive. They’re also known to keep the heat in and protect you from harsh UV rays so that you can enjoy a safer swim.

Sunroom Enclosures

Building a sunroom is a great option if you’re planning on using your pool throughout the year. They can be purchased as DIY kits, or are relatively inexpensive to build from scratch (did someone say summer DIY project?).

Sunrooms are a much sturdier, long-term option when it comes to pool coverings. They’re not only perfect for controlling the temperature of your pool but also great for creating a peaceful ambiance.

This means that you can turn the space around your small pool into a place for relaxation and entertaining, with your Endless Pool as a central focus. Invest in some indoor plants and patio furniture to make it really special.

Basic Pool Coverings

Endless Pools can also be covered using a basic plastic covering. Plastic pool coverings come in all sorts of shapes, materials, and sizes. This budget-friendly option can be manual or automatic and still traps heat while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Endless Pools Are Better With Covers

Endless Pools are perfect for building a good recreational swimming habit, no matter your fitness level or available yard space. Make swimming in your Endless Pool an all-year-round activity with one of the many options for pool coverings. If you’re looking for more information on pool services, get in touch today!