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How to Choose the Best Aquatic Fitness System

Are you looking to try out a new workout regime? Working out is a basic way to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. However, there are times that regular workouts can be painful due to sore feet and joints. People with certain conditions may find it difficult to keep up with a fitness program. A way to solve this workout problem is by switching to a new workout program. Have you ever heard of an aquatic fitness system?

These offer a form of aerobic fitness beyond and including the endless pool concept. Working out in an aquatic fitness system can also provide several health benefits.

These days, aquatic fitness systems are versatile and can accommodate people of all skill levels. Planning to get aquatic exercise equipment and a pool? Learn how you can choose the best aquatic fitness system for you in this guide.

Can Accommodate Everyone

Working out in water is a great way to train your body. Water has a unique property that allows you to lose 90% of your weight, causing you to float.

However, it does offer more resistance than air, causing your movement to weigh down. It will increase your stamina, muscle strength, blood circulation, and control your weight.

If you’re going to buy an Aquatic fitness system, look for something low-impact. It will give everyone, including seniors, the benefit of doing water exercises.

Your aquatic fitness system will also help you estimate how much work your body can handle. From there, you can adjust how you can intensify your workout regime. If you’re new to this exercise, consult your doctor before starting the program.

Offers More Security for Your Joints

Aquatic exercise is a popular workout regime that all age groups can enjoy. It’s most helpful for people who are recovering from injuries or surgeries.

An aquatic fitness system should offer a safe space for you to continue exercising. Some of these activities can include stationary jogging, water walking, and leg lifting.

People with joint problems can benefit from an aquatic fitness system. Consider getting a pool with heating features. It will keep your muscle joints warm, relaxed and help you recover faster.

Can Accommodate Aquatic Workout Gear

Your Aquatic fitness system should be able to accommodate underwater workout gear. These aquatic exercise equipment can train your body endurance.

Foam Dumbells are for heavy lifting while underwater. Water Weights come as either a strap-on ankle or wrist weight. These dumbells train your arms and legs by resisting movement.

The buoyancy belt keeps your head above water while swimming in deeper ends of your pool. Underwater Treadmill burns your body fat.

You can also maintain your body weight by underwater cycling. If your aquatic system doesn’t have gears, you can always purchase them from your provider.

Choose the Right Size

When choosing the aquatic system, its size that matters. The size of the system should give you some lee-way for free movement. Generally, your aquatic fitness system should fit in your backyard.

If you’re planning to install an above-ground pool for exercise, make it so it will not occupy a lot of space. The average size of an above-ground pool is 21′ x 43′ in dimension. It will let you identify if you’re able to have it built immediately.

Adjustable Water Temperature

The temperature of the water can affect the results of your aquatic workout regime. Cold water has a lower chance of burning fat than warm water.

For that reason, it’s crucial to get an aquatic system with adjustable temperature. However, what is the right temperature for aquatic exercises?

Waters between 83-88°C are the ideal temperature for aquatic exercise. It gives your heart enough space to handle the workouts. This makes it more suitable for people with cardiac conditions.

If you’re ready to intensify your training, adjust the water temperature to 89-99°C. Warm waters in this range can help you stretch move easier. However, take note that this temperature can be harmful to people with heart problems.

Your aquatic fitness system can also serve as a relaxation spot after workouts. 100°C can offer an effective warm water massage after intense training sessions. Remember that if you feel too tired, you should get out of the water immediately.

Can Have Blue Tooth Sound Systems

Having a sound system installed on the pool can help in your aquatic exercises. If you have the aquatic system that has blue tooth installed, you can have a device pair to it and listen to music.

It keeps you stay on rhythm and beat with the music. If the aquatic system has an integrated speaker system, it’s sure to keep your workout going.

Safety and Precaution

Water exercises are a fun way to exercise while protecting your bones and joints. However, there are some essential precautions you should look for in a water system.

It’s best to do your research on a pool and provider before purchasing. You should know the depth, equipment, and other features it has before using it.

Match your workout with your swimming ability. If you’re an inexperienced swimmer, it’s best to choose a shallow pool. There are plenty of other exercises you can do in shallow water.

Though it may not seem like a regular swimming pool, make sure to keep the pool maintained at all times. The safety and cleanliness of the equipment should be our priority. How often you use your aquatic system will determine how often you need to change its components.

Most pools require super chlorinations once every week or month. It’s best to check with your provider for information on maintaining your pool.

Find an Aquatic Fitness System for Your Workouts Today

An aquatic fitness system can be beneficial for people with certain conditions. It prevents you from overheating and allows you to perform effective exercises. Get one now today and enjoy the many aquatic activities you can do.

Looking for an aquatic fitness system for your workouts? We got you covered! Contact us today and see what other water services we can provide you.