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Endless Pools: Amazing Exercise From Your Own Backyard

Looking for a way to sculpt your physique and improve your stamina, right from your own home? Going to the gym can take hours out of your week, not to mention money out of your pocket.

What if you could install a single fixture in your backyard that could add instant outdoor appeal and help you reach your fitness goals? With Endless Pools Fitness Systems, you can.

Today, we’re sharing how this type of pool works, as well as the benefits it offers. If you’re looking to transform your body and your exterior, read on to discover the details you need to know. 

What to Expect From the New Endless Pools Fitness System

An all-new offering by Endless Pools, the Fitness System solution takes one of the brand’s most beloved and iconic systems to an entirely new level. Users around the world already love the Endless Pools Swim Machine, which offers an incredible water-based workout at any time.

Now, this machine comes equipped with even more features to optimize your at-home fitness regimen. New additions include an optional underwater treadmill, as well as rowing functions, strength-training exercises, and even a relaxing hydrotherapy system. 

The best part? Not only is this system efficient and high-performing, but it’s also as beautiful as it is functional. An Endless Pool Fitness System makes an eye-catching addition to any backyard, which can motivate homeowners to make regular use of it!

Behind the Hydraulic Technology

What makes this swim spa so tech-savvy and unique? The secret is the custom, hydraulically-powered propulsion system at the heart of the machine. This system generates a laminar current of up to 5,000 gallons of water per minute, or GPM. It does so by pumping high-grade, biodegradable vegetable oil to the 5-horsepower underwater motor. 

The result is a current that spans wider than your body and deeper than your swim stroke. Though it’s vigorous and powerful in nature, it’s also incredibly energy-efficient thanks to the system’s design.

The best part? While it’s ever-moving, the current is also gloriously turbulent-free.

This is made possible by the system’s multiple conditioning grills that keep the water smooth and continuously redirected. Even when you kick the system up to full power, you’ll never have to fight against it. Instead, it will simply feel like you’re swimming in calm, open water. 

Using the Optional Underwater Treadmill

As mentioned, this particular Endless Pool swim spa comes with the optional addition of a hydraulically powered underwater treadmill that boasts an impressive speed range of 0 to 5.5 MPH. While you don’t have to install this feature, it can add a major benefit to your at-home exercise. 

What makes this treadmill so special?

If you’ve ever gone for a run outside or spent 30 minutes on the treadmill, you know that cardiovascular exercise is a great way to get your blood pumping and improve your heart health. However, performing these motions repetitively can wreak havoc on your joints, especially your knees. 

This isn’t the case when you perform the same motions in the water. With an underwater treadmill, you can enjoy low-impact running and walking options at the speed you prefer. This way, you can enjoy all of the benefits of an aerobic or cardio workout, without the pains and strains associated with land-based exercise. 

Want to kick your exertion up a notch? Use the water-resistant remote control to turn up the treadmill speed and power up the swim current. This will increase the resistance against your body, which helps strengthen your legs, core, and upper body.

Then, when you’re ready to cool down, you can turn off the current and lower the treadmill speed to end your session in a relaxing and calming way. The next morning, you’ll be surprised to notice that the telltale soreness you’re used to experiencing after a vigorous workout is nowhere to be found!

The Relaxing Power of Hydrotherapy

Certain models of the Endless Pools Fitness System, like the E2000 model, come equipped with a separate hydrotherapy side. Users can regulate the temperate of each side independently, so they can enjoy a rigorous cool-water workout and then glide over to a soothing warm spa, all in the same space. 

Featuring hydromassage jets that specifically target your back and legs, you’ll never want to leave this post-workout cool-down spot.

Other Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

Besides being easier on your joints, what other benefits can you expect from water-based workouts? Chiefly, you can build phenomenal strength just by swimming alone!

Working against the power of the current helps to activate and grow your muscles. If you’re looking to get stronger without lifting weights or hitting the gym, then working out with the Endless Pools Fitness System is ideal. 

At the same time, you’ll also take great care of your heart. If you’ve ever felt out of breath or strained after a land-based workout, then you’re familiar with the cardiovascular strain that these types of movements can create. When you work out in the water, however, your blood moves all around your body, so your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to keep it pumping. 

A few more of the advantages to note include:

Ready to enjoy these benefits at home? Each Fitness System includes a Fit@Home® App that allows users to adjust the speed, pace, and duration of their aqua workout to fit their unique needs and preferences. 

Learn More About Endless Pools Today

Over the past year, we’ve all learned how much value we can truly squeeze out of our homes. Did you realize that your backyard could become the at-home gym of your dreams?

With an Endless Pools Fitness System, you’re one step closer to creating the outdoor fitness oasis you deserve. There are multiple models to choose from, each offering its own special features and benefits. To learn more about the differences between each one, as well as the pricing associated with each system, we encourage you to reach out to our team today!