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Best Backyard Spa Ideas to Turn Your Boring Backyard Into a Sanctuary

A hot tub is a slice of luxury in your own home. It brings a vacation to your doorstep and can be a real social point for friends and family. However, the spa is often misplaced, dumped in amongst the rest of the garden furniture, and often does not get the placing it deserves.

A spa can transform the back yard, but only if it is a part of the design of your garden. Below, we discuss some of the best backyard spa ideas for your home.


One simple way to make a small hot tub look great is to build it into a deck. Building decking around the hot tub will actually make it look larger than it is. There are a number of options for the deck, including shape and material.

The top of the hot tub should sit flush with the decking. With a deck that wraps around the whole tub, add elements such as seating so people can socialize. It also provides an area for people to cool off in.


The pergola is a great look to accompany your spa. It adds a touch of oriental elegance and can be used to give shade to the tub, either directly or indirectly. It can transform the look of uninspiring garden space with very little effort.

A pergola is a free-standing structure. It typically has four posts at either corner. On the top are crossed beams of wood or thatching.

Firstly, decide if you would prefer the pergola over the tub or to the side. If you choose it over, you will be in permanent shade. Off to the side will allow people to get out of the tub for rest periods and sunbathe.

If you decide to place your spa under the pergola, one very smart idea is to raise the pergola and place the spa within it. This can add different levels to your garden giving a terraced look. Decorate the edge with large plants and pots.

Walkout Deck

A walkout deck is different from a normal deck as you enter at one end and walk toward the other end to reach the hot tub. Imagine a long corridor, instead of an open expanse that you may get in a normal garden.

A walkout deck is a great statement piece, particularly if you only have a small area in which to place your spa. It can make the section look a lot bigger than it actually is. Make sure you close the whole walkout section off with a light fence to distinguish it from the rest of the property.

When planning a walkout area, make sure your entrance is at one end and all decking runs vertically away from this toward the spa. This will draw people’s eyes along a line, making the area seem longer, bigger, and more distant.


Do not be afraid to landscape the hot tub. In fact, the more plants and features you add around the hot tub, the more it will blend in and become a natural part of the garden as opposed to a defining feature.

If you have a larger deck where it is not possible to place plants in the ground, use tasteful pots that fit the theme of your garden. If you are going for a vacation look, use tropical plants. If you are going for a Mediterranean or South American look, try arid plants like cacti.

Wood and Stone Backyard Spa Ideas

All hot tubs will need to be placed on a concrete base. But you really don’t want to have concrete around the tub. It can look a little brutal and cold.

Your choice then lies with wood or stone. Wood is the most used material due to its durable nature. You can also create a wide range of looks and styles using wood.

When choosing wood you need to get a hardwood that will not rot or decay with contact exposure to the elements and water. Make sure that every facet of the wood is treated before you build your deck. Even parts that are not visible will come into contact with moisture and need to be sealed.

Stone can be bought from outdoor centers and can give a very natural look to your garden and tub. It will last longer than decking, though may not have the anti-slip properties that wood does. You could of course combine the two, which can also look fantastic.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a great option for anyone who does not want the fuss of maintaining decking but would like the look of wood. It costs more than pressure-treated wood but will last longer.

Composite decking does not need to be sanded, treated, or painted. In fact, apart from a bi-annual cleaning, you do not need to do anything at all. Wooding decking will last 30 years at the maximum, yet a deck made from composite can last around 50.

Increasing Privacy

If you are looking to have a more private experience, shielded from neighbors and other gardens, then you have a number of options. Firstly, you could shield one side using a range of plants and tall trees, either planted or potted.

You can also place your hot tub against walls or partition fences. For anyone attempting a natural, landscaped look these could be combined with vines and creeping plants.

Planning the Installation

Hopefully, you should now have backyard spa ideas and can plan the look you want your hot tub. Visit garden centers to get a feel for the materials available and consider the space you have available before making any major purchases.

We have a wide range of hot tubs and spas to turn your back yard into a paradise. We are always available to give help and advice provided by our experienced team. Visit us today and book an appointment for a consultation, so we can get you into that hot tub as quickly as possible!