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Spa Treatment in Your Own Backyard: Tips for Creating Your Own Luxury Backyard Spa Escape

Dreaming of a backyard spa?

Having your own relaxing backyard oasis saves you a trip to the spa. It makes every day feel like a vacation without leaving home.

What you include in your backyard spa area depends on the size and your preferred ways to relax. With a little creativity, there’s no shortage of beautiful options.

Keep reading to uncover our tips for designing your backyard spa retreat.

Install a Luxury Spa

The hot tub serves as the heart of your backyard spa oasis.

Powerful jets create a massage-like feeling. The hot water eases your tension and soothes your muscles.

Hot tubs can support your emotional wellness, making them the perfect addition to your spa retreat.

Compare the features of your spa options to find the best option for you. Check out the number, type, and location of jets to find a spa that’ll give you the massaging effect you want in all the right places.

Look for adjustable jet nozzles so you can target your trouble areas. Jets clustered in strategic areas give you a water massage on certain body parts, such as your back or neck.

Rotating and moving jets amplify the massage feeling even more. They target specific areas with a massage that moves up and down the area.

Beyond the jets, consider the overall style of the spa. What kind of ambiance do you want to create in your backyard?

Whether you want traditional or modern, choose a hot tub that looks beautiful. When you love how it looks, it adds to the overall relaxation, luxury, and joy you get when you escape to your backyard retreat.

Add a Sauna

An outdoor sauna gives you the perfect retreat in your backyard. You’ll never have to pay for a gym membership or head to the spa because you’ll have your own sauna at home.

Beyond feeling good to sit in the heat, a sauna offers many health benefits.

It can help reduce various forms of pain, including muscle soreness and arthritis pain. It can also help improve your joint movement.

Saunas are also good for reducing stress levels, which may cut down on your risk of cardiovascular problems. If you have psoriasis, you may notice the dry heat helps clear it up. Asthma sufferers may also feel some relief in a sauna.

Create Privacy

Privacy is key to any spa experience, and your backyard getaway is no exception.

Consider the location of your hot tub, sauna, and other spa features to minimize how much your neighbors can see. A fence around your entire yard is a good start.

If you need more privacy, consider building a wooden privacy structure around your hot tub. An arbor over the top of the structure lets you have some sunlight and a view of the stars at night. But it also provides a little more privacy from above if your neighbors have a two-story house.

Shade the Space

Spa treatments aim to make your skin look and feel great. Having your home spa area outside exposes you to something that can cause the opposite effect: UV radiation.

Shading your outdoor spa area not only keeps it more comfortable, but it also protects your skin from UV radiation damage. That includes skin cancer and premature aging.

Privacy structures help provide some shade over the area. An arbor with vine plants growing on it creates a living shade structure.

Sail cloths offer a temporary shade option that you can take down in the winter months. The durable material attaches to anchors or poles to stretch over specific areas.

Large patio umbrellas are an option if you want more flexibility. You can move the umbrellas to the areas you need them easily.

Create a Backyard Bathhouse

No room for a soaking tub in your master bedroom? Create one in your backyard by adding a bathhouse.

A garden shed is an ideal spot for your bathhouse. Once you connect it to plumbing, you can install a large soaking tub perfect for times when you want to soak away your stress.

Decorate the space with luxurious finishes, such as upscale tiles and spa-like decor. Soothing blues and greens work well for the wall color and decor color scheme.

If you don’t want a full bathhouse, you can create a luxurious outdoor shower. This allows you to wash off after you soak in the hot tub.

Include Lush Plants

Nothing is more relaxing than beautiful plants. At the spa, you’ll likely see cut flowers and other container plants.

In your backyard, you can grow a wide range of plants that set the mood.

Larger plants can double as privacy structures. Use shrubs or tall ornamental grasses to decorate the space.

Flowering plants add color and beauty to your backyard spa. They also add natural fragrance that you can enjoy while you relax.

Incorporate Comfortable Seating

You may not want to spend all of your time in the hot tub or sauna, so add comfortable seating to your outdoor spa area. Hammocks allow you to lounge and relax.

A patio bed or other large patio furniture pieces also work well for creating a relaxing feeling. Choose an option with thick, comfortable cushions. Add outdoor pillows for extra comfort.

Add Ambient Sounds

Soothing sounds can help you relax while you’re in your backyard. They can also drown out traffic noise or sounds from your neighbors.

A decorative water fountain is one option. Choose a design that looks beautiful and fits your overall backyard design. The trickling water sound is soothing and fits well with the spa vibe.

You can also install an outdoor sound system with disguised speakers that blend in with the decor. Play your favorite relaxing songs, nature sounds, or ambient music through the speaker system, so you always have a soothing soundtrack when you’re outside.

Build a Meditation Deck

Do you love yoga or meditation? Take your practice outdoors by building an outdoor meditation deck. It gives you the perfect spot to roll out your yoga mat or grab some cozy outdoor pillows to engage in your favorite relaxing practice.

Create Your Backyard Spa

What does your dream backyard spa look like? Picking the design elements that you love helps you create a custom escape, so you can relax without leaving home.

We can help you create the backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of creating. Schedule a test soak to find the perfect hot tub for your backyard, or contact us for more information.