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Backyard Oasis: Biggest Trends in Pool and Patio Design for 2020

If you are like many Americans, you will go swimming at least 6 times a year. But, imagine how often you could take a dip if you had your own pool and patio to relax in the sun and cool off in the water.

With a new backyard design, you can customize your pool area to fit your needs and dreams of swimming whenever you’d like.

Use these top swimming pool trends of 2020 to transform your yard into a summertime playground.

Outdoor Pool Lounge

Get the most out of your swimming pool with a lounging area to go with it. Include reclining chairs under umbrellas for poolside relaxing. These can be placed on a sunken deck that surrounds your pool.

Add some entertainment for after-hours with an inflatable screen that will make movies grand. An outdoor kitchen will keep the party going without having to leave the backyard.

Integrated Hot Tub

When looking for a pool service near me ask about adding a hot tub to your design. Hot tubs have several mental and physical benefits that will only make your backyard more desirable.

New pool designs can integrate your spa right into your main swimming area. These types of hot tubs give the illusion of an intriguing water feature while heating the rest of your pool.

Plus, interior hot tubs make it easy to transition from the pool to the spa without getting out of the water.

Incorporated Fire Features

Keeping your fire pit separate from your pool area is a classic backyard design. But, now the fire can be used around your pool for added light, warmth, and excitement.

Use small bowls or cauldrons to scatter fire features around your pool and patio. You can even install an island in the center of your pool to put flames at the focal point of your pool design.

Functional Water Features

Water features add serenity to your pool design by creating natural flowing sounds and movements. But, water fountains can also be functional.

Moving water acts as a natural filter to keep your pool clean from debris and less likely to grow algae.

Fountains and water features range from dramatic waterfalls to spraying water jets perfect for water-park play for children.

Darker Colors

Using dark colors has become a trending way to give more elegance to your pool. Deep hues hide any lingering dirt that hasn’t been swept up by the filter. It also naturally heats the pool for not so warm days.

The dark design works well with your backyard’s foliage. The water imitates the mysterious depths of lakes or ponds and blends into the native habitat.

Soft Lighting

Lighting brings function and romance to your pool. LED lights are a cost-effective, low energy, and soothing way to highlight your backyard.

Add a few lights inside the pool, along the stairs, and across the fence to make your yard whimsical.

Knife-edge Style Pools

This design is complex and will require you to search online for expert pool builders near me.

The builder will need to create the edge of the pool on the same level as the patio. Then they will create small slits on the edge to allow water to overflow and recirculate.

The clean lines of this design create a seamless edge for a modern look.

Beach Entry

A sloped sore entry is being used more often for many reasons. It can be the perfect way for children, the elderly, or people with a disability to enter the water safely. It can also help you ease your way into the water in the early season.

Add some sand, beach chairs, and a water feature to mimic a day at the beach. You can even lounge in the shallow water or stick your feet in to cool off.

No matter how you use it, a beach entry is much more interesting then steps.

Lake and Pond Pools

If you are going for a completely natural look then skip the traditional pool altogether and design a lake or pond instead.

These types of swimming holes use stone and rocks as material for the stairs to surrounding walls. You can also choose plant filtration and cleaning options over chemicals like chlorine.

Pool Shelf

An interior shelf acts as a lounging area inside your pool. You can add a heating function to create a cozy nook to warm up on a chilly spring day.

These shelves are usually large enough to fit a few lounge chairs and don’t exceed 8 inches in depth. You will be half-submerged in the water to create a perfect cooling effect.

Vanishing Edge

If you live on a hill or cliff then buy a pool near me that includes a vanishing edge. It can be used in conjunction with a knife-edge to keep inline with your patio and the distant horizon.

Indoor Island

For year-round swimming fun, think about adding an indoor pool to your home. Replicate the tropics without feeling like you are inside by using your patio but enclosing it with glass.

Add some tropical plants to take advantage of the greenhouse climate. Your pool can also resemble an island get-a-way with nontraditional shapes and natural stone accents.

Getting Started with New Pool and Patio Designs

Before you decide on a pool and patio design you will need to think about your options. Consider your budget, how much space is available, and the needs of your family.

To get expert assistance with budgeting, designing, and building your backyard oasis contact us today to get your questions answered.