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8 Reasons to Consider Above Ground Salt Water Pools

Summer’s just around the corner.

And it can’t come soon enough! You’ve had enough of the cold. It’s time for sunshine, warmth and all the positive vibes that come with it.

Want to make the most of the glorious summer months?

Well, it might be time to buy a swimming pool. Indeed, 10.4 million American households already have one! They’re happily splashing, sunbathing, and entertaining guests around it as we speak.

But not all swimming pools are made equal and some are more suitable than others. Of all the varieties from which to choose, above ground salt water pools are often the perfect option.

Want to find out why that’s the case? Let us help!

Read on for eight benefits of having a saltwater pool sitting above ground in your garden.

1. They’re More Affordable

Let’s talk money.

After all, it’s a common concern for people looking into swimming pool installation. Buying a pool that’s too expensive can put undue pressure on your bank balance.

It’s important to find an option that falls in-budget.

Above-ground pools of any kind are often great in this regard. After all, there’s no major construction work required as you get with in-ground options. This helps to keep the cost down.

Moreover, there’s a bunch of budget-friendly manufacturers too. You can find a high-quality pool for a relative steal.

2. They’re Ready in a Jiffy

Another major perk of these pools is how quickly they can be installed.

Once again, there’s no major digging or construction required. You don’t have to dislodge any earth in your yard to get them in place!

That’s good news in terms of time. It means you can view, pick, and receive the pool in a flash versus alternative options. With summer looming, this can ensure the pool’s set up in time for you to enjoy it in the warm weather.

3. You Can (Sometimes) Find DIY Options

Love your DIY?

Above-ground swimming pools might be of particular interest.

We’re assuming you don’t have the skills to dig out, install, and plumb in an in-ground swimming pool. That’s usually a job for the professionals!

However, that’s not always the case for above-ground options. These sometimes come with a self-installation kit. With this in hand, you can literally take delivery and install the pool yourself.

4. They’re Safer Household Additions

Safety is a primary concern for all swimming pool owners.

And, thankfully, pool-related injuries and deaths are rare. But they do happen.

Above-ground options might be of particular interest if you’re concerned about this. Maybe you’ve got a big family, young babies, and lively kids running around.

In any case, you benefit from a natural barrier to the water’s-edge that in-ground options lack. The entry point could be 50 inches off the ground, preventing many accidents from happening.

Put up a gated fence around the edge and you’ve got an added level of protection.

5. They’re Easier to Maintain

Think about the trials of maintaining an in-ground pool.

The water’s at ground level! Without a cover, dirt and debris from the surrounding area can easily get blown in all the time. Nasty animals and insects might crawl into the water too.

All told, it requires considerable effort to keep the water clean and clear of detritus.

By contrast, the raised edge of above-ground pools limits the debris that can get in. You’ll enjoy less maintenance to keep it safe and swimmable as a result. Even better, it means less time, energy, effort and money is required for the process.

6. The Water’s Beautiful and Clear

As we’ve seen, the best above-ground pools offer a bunch of benefits in general.

Fill them with saltwater, though, and the advantages keep on coming.

One of the main ones you’ll notice straight away is water clarity. Saltwater pools boast stunningly clear water. They look clean and clear, creating a picture-perfect pool to show off to your friends and neighbors!

7. They Need Fewer Chemicals

Fresh-water pools need chlorine to stay clean, clear, and sanitary.

It’s added to water on a regular basis in order to kill any bacteria that develop. Let those chlorine levels drop too much and the water can become unhygienic.

That’s problematic in two ways.

Firstly, it’s work! You know you have to add it for the pool to remain usable.

You have to learn how much is required and measure the levels most days. That all takes time and money.

Secondly, all those chemicals can have negative effects. They have a very distinctive smell, which isn’t always pleasant! Moreover, though, your eyes sting when you swim; hair and skin suffer too.

Saltwater pools have much lower chlorine levels. You enjoy fewer of these chemical-induced issues in the process.

8. The Water Feels Softer

Swimming in salt-water pools is an absolute delight.

For one thing, they lack the same degree of chemicals as we mentioned above. You can open your eyes underwater without them stinging. You walk away feeling clean and not chlorine-covered.

Many homeowners also feel more comfortable letting their kids play for hours in it. That’s especially true when the child has asthma. High chlorine levels may interact with asthma in a way that salt water doesn’t.

The saltwater itself it special too, though. It boasts a soft and silky quality that’s a pleasure to swim through. Speak to other salt-water pool owners and they’ll go on about how beautiful it feels!

Consider Above Ground Salt Water Pools

Are you looking to buy a swimming pool for your backyard?

Well, you’re in for a treat! You’ll join the ranks of millions of Americans who already live and love such easy access to a private pool.

It’s important to make sure you buy the right pool for you though. And, as we’ve seen, above ground salt water pools might be exactly that. Hopefully, this post has explained why that’s the case.

Ready to invest in one of your own in Rochester, MN? We can help. Contact us today to find out more.