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6 Questions to Ask Before Installing Inground Pools in Rochester, MN

Are you a Rochester, Minnesota homeowner that’s interested in installing an inground pool? If so, then you probably have several questions about how to pick the right pool type and what the process looks like as a whole.

It’s important to get those questions answered before you sign the dotted line. Too many homeowners make the mistake of committing to a pool builder without having a thorough perception of the process.

Since every pool builder is different, you’ll want to ask the right questions. See below for several questions you’ll want to ask for installing inground pools in Rochester, Minnesota.

1. How Long Has the Pool Builder Been in Business?

One of your biggest concerns about building inground pools in Rochester should be how you can assure you’re partnering with the right company. The builder you choose will be the one in charge of the entire inground pool installation process.

To get a gauge of how much you can trust a service, ask them how long their company has been in business. The longer they’ve been installing pools in Rochester, the more that you can trust them.

The pool installation companies with a longer tenure can use their vast network to build your pool. They’ll have access to the most experienced workers, best materials, and equipment that’s needed to build it.

More importantly, if anything unforeseen were to happen during the installation, they’ll have the experience and know-how to overcome it.

2. What Are You Building the Pool for?

For some of you, the answer to this question might seem obvious. However, if you take a deeper dive (pun intended) you’ll understand the purpose of your inground pool and what features you need it to have.

For example, you might be building a pool for you and your family to use. But what does that look like? Will you be hosting large birthday parties?

Are you planning to have twenty or more friends and family members over at one time? How many children are in that group that you’re envisioning?

If you’re installing a pool into a home that you’re renting out, what size family does that pool need to fit? How many people (maximum) can fit in your home?

3. Does the Pool Builder Have References You Can Call?

As was previously mentioned, you’ll only want to do business with an experienced pool builder. Those types of companies will have several past and current clients they can use as a reference for their work.

If you really want to get a peek into what it’s like to work with them, who better to ask then their clients? Ask the company if there are references you can contact that was in a similar situation to yourself.

You can ask the client about the process, the company, their workers, the customer support, or whether they love their pool. Be sure to ask how long the client has had their pool, who championed their pool’s installation, and so on.

4. Where Will You Place Your Pool?

Some of you reading this know exactly where you want your pool to be placed. Others you might not have a clue.

The proper location of your inground pool depends on a few things. Factors such as the location of your home’s water system, shade, where the sun rises/sets, and how swimmers can safely enter and exit the pool should all be considered.

If that’s a bit overwhelming to you, then ask a pool builder to come out to your property and have a look. They can give you a few recommendations based on what they find.

They can also point out factors such as slopes on your property, areas of high debris, or other aspects that might change your mind on where you want to put the pool.

5. What Is Your Budget?

Many people fear to reach out to a pool builder because of the inground pool cost. But truth be told, with a proper budget, you’ll be much more likely to find a price you’re happy with.

Try to think in terms of what the total cost will be. Pool builders of integrity will help you find a flexible payment plan that helps you afford your dream inground pool.

You’ll also want to think of things beyond the pool installation such as pool maintenance and extra features you might want to add. Planning for all of this ahead of time will help you remain happy and comfortable with your pool for years to come!

6. What Other Amenities Are You Wanting to Add?

Odds are that the inground pool isn’t the only amenity that you’re envisioning for your backyard when it’s finished.

While the inground might be the centerpiece, you might also want things like an outdoor kitchen, outdoor bar, patio surrounding the pool, etc.

You might not think it, but those other amenities play a factor in how you should build your inground pool. For example, if you want an outdoor kitchen, then you’ll want to measure it out to ensure ample room for both the pool and the kitchen.

This will ensure that you have the best outdoor layout possible. There will be plenty of walking space, making it the most desirable backyard in all of Rochester!

Use These Questions for Inground Pools in Rochester to Your Advantage

Now that you’ve seen several questions to ask for inground pools in Rochester, it’s time to use them to your benefit.

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