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5 Ways Building a Spa Adds Value to Your Home

Are you looking for a way to boost the living situation that you have at your current house? If so, then you might consider building a spa in your backyard. It can be a perfect addition!

The best part is that it also adds value to your home in numerous ways. People look at a spa as an incredible amenity, thus it serving as an extra incentive for them to close on the house.

Here are several ways that adding and building a spa can add value to your current property. While selling your home might not currently be in the plans, it’s always important to consider the possibility.

1. Perfect for Renters

One of the most important things to remember when selling your home is that not everyone has the intention of living in it. Some want to purchase your home (and all of its amenities) in order to rent it out to other people.

They might consider renting it out for people to live in or renting it out on places like Airbnb and VRBO.

Therefore, if they’re looking to rent out your current home in the future, then they’ll want to get the most bang for their buck. In other words, they want to house with the most amenities possible.

A spa is a perfect amenity for that purpose. It can be used in the beautiful Minnesota summers or even during the winter. In their eyes, renters will pay top dollar for access to a spa during their stay—however long that might be.

2. Completes the Outdoor Look

According to experts, people and agents alike tend to factor in amenities to the total selling price of a house when it looks like it naturally fits into the space surrounding it.

For example, a new hardwood floor would be considered an amenity because it fits in perfectly with each room in the house. A new backyard deck is considered an amenity because it blends in with the landscape and completes the look.

A HotSpring Spa can look right at home in any location that you place it in. You can surround it with a deck that looks identical to your backyard porch. You can place it right next to your home’s pool.

Anywhere that you place it, it will gel perfectly with the atmosphere around it. It has a subtle look that will help it blend in with your landscape, yet make people take second glances whenever they see it.

3. Personal Relaxation

Perhaps you’re starting to consider the possibility of selling your current place but are in no rush to move out. If so, then placing in a spa relatively soon will give you access to all its luxuries until you sell the home.

Not every reason for investing in a spa has to be about adding money to the home. In fact, every renovation made to a home is based on personal preference. Things like updating the kitchen, installing a pool, and updating the floors are just a few examples.

Building a spa can grant you a place to unwind and relax after a hard day. It will give you something to look forward to no matter the season. Heck, it even feels good during the Rochester, Minnesota winters!

If you’ve wanted a spa for a while and are considering selling your home someday soon, it’s the perfect excuse to pull the trigger!

4. Incredible Return on Investment

Imagine being able to make an investment that boosts the price of your home, but costs you as minimal expenses as possible. The return on that investment would be through the roof!

That’s the kind of investment that a spa can offer you! All you need to have the space for spas and you’ll be ready to go. You can avoid setting a spa construction budget because the hot tub will be above ground.

Simply place it on your porch or another area that makes it easily accessible from the back door (yet somewhere that it’s out of the way).

Perhaps you decide that, instead of selling your home, you’ll rent it out via Airbnb yourself. If so, then you’ll find renters will pay a pretty penny just for access to a spa during their stay. It justifies the price point in their mind!

5. Makes Your Property Stand Out

One of the biggest struggles you’ll find with either selling your home or renting it out is finding ways to make it stand out from the crowd.

Rochester, Minnesota has a plethora of amazing houses to rent and buy, how are you supposed to rise above them?

Would you be comfortable with having your home referred to by interested buyers as “the one with the spa?” If not, then you should! It will separate your home from the rest that they’re considering.

Put it this way: if you had two identical houses with the exact amount of square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms you were looking for, but one had a spa, which one would you choose? The decision is obvious!

The fact that your spa will separate your home from the others in your area is reason enough to invest.

The Time for Building a Spa Is Here!

Now that you’ve read all the benefits that building a spa can bring to your home, it’s time to purchase the right fit for you.

Are you considering adding a pool as well? If so, be sure to read this article on the several reasons why above-ground pools are perfect for families.

For more inquiries, please begin by receiving a price for your project and we’ll be happy to assist you further!