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5 Essentials for Building an Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor living is a must for many modern homeowners. Not only does indoor-outdoor living add value to your home, but it’s one of the best ways to enjoy your home. That’s why you should transform your backyard space into an outdoor oasis.

Utilize your patio, deck, and yard to create a whole new living space. There’s no reason to neglect your outdoors when it can be just as stunning as the inside. You and your family will be happy to enjoy your new outdoor living areas.

Here are the five essentials you need to build your outdoor oasis.

1. A Fire Pit or Fireplace

What better way to enjoy the outside than to get toasty around a fire pit or fireplace? These are good for chilly months in the fall or the cooler evenings in the summer. Heating your space will make your patio much more comfortable.

A fire pit or a fireplace is a must to create a cozy outdoor oasis. Set up chairs and sofas around the heat source, so your conversations don’t have to end when the air gets chilly.

With so many styles of fire pits and fireplaces, there’s bound to be one that fits your style and design plan. Before choosing your heating source, consider a few things.

Keep the size of your space and the size of the fire pit in mind. You don’t want to cram a heating source where it could be a potential hazard. It’s a good idea to keep the firepit or fireplace at least 5-7 feet away from furniture and 10 feet from your home.

2. A Comfortable Place for Conversation

Of course, a key feature of outdoor living is a comfortable place to sit, relax, and hold a conversation. That’s why the right patio furniture is so important. You want this furniture to feel just as inviting as the furniture inside your home.

Promote relaxation by having a variety of seating styles and enough that everyone can enjoy. Consider including sectionals, lounge chairs, and swivel or rocking chairs. These are the basics that will ensure all of your guests are comfortable.

You can also add poufs, benches, and footrests as an accent. They can serve as additional seating if need be.

3. Lighting that Creates an Ambiance

Nothing makes a space feel more inviting than the right lighting. If you want your parties and gatherings to go into the evening hours, you’ll need a way to light your outdoor oasis.

This is important in the months where it gets darker earlier in the day. Because it’s so important, you need to choose the right lighting. A single lightbulb or a wall-mounted light by your backdoor just won’t do.

Luckily, there are many options for outdoor lighting. String lights, lanterns, and outdoor chandeliers all make great ambient lighting. The lighting can be just as much decor as it is a functional necessity of the patio.

To create a cozy feeling, opt for soft and warm lighting. String lights look great over a large open space like your backyard. Lanterns will provide a more intimate feel and are ideal around your furniture and conversation area.

Alternatively, you can also include candles for a softer accent. In-floor lighting is also popular and can offer a bold and dramatic look. It’s also a great idea to have different lighting for different spaces, so you can light the areas you’re spending time in.

Whatever lighting option you choose, it’s crucial that it sufficiently lights the space. You don’t want to be forced inside before you’re ready because it’s too dark to see each other.

4. A Relaxing Pool and Spa

A backyard pool in your own home is a dream for pretty much every homeowner. Who doesn’t want to spend sunny days out by the pool or splashing around when the weather gets hot? A pool is one of the best ways to turn your backyard into an oasis.

There’s nothing better than floating on the water with a drink in your hand. Or hosting a family gathering where everyone plays a game of water volleyball. Pools offer the opportunity to host fun gatherings that all ages can enjoy.

When you choose the right kind of pool, going to the backyard feels like going on vacation. Choose pools with architectural features like an infinity wall or a built-in island. Natural pools have also gained popularity in recent years.

Another way to bring water into your backyard is with a hot tub. The warm, bubbling water will feel like a spa all year round. You can make your spa look like a custom feature of your backyard, and your guest may never leave.

5. An Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

A home entertainer’s dream is a full-sized kitchen and bar right in the backyard. An outdoor kitchen and bar are the best features to make your indoor-outdoor living complete.

Choose products that will withstand the elements like stainless steel. A durable material like stone is the ideal way to anchor your outdoor appliances. And to get that wow factor, add unique features like a pizza oven, grill, or wine fridge.

Having a wet bar outside is a great way to make sure your home is the party place. Serve up signature cocktails without having to go inside for ingredients. A bar with stools will be a great place to show off your bartending skills.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, you should also include a dining area to enjoy the delicious food you make. An outdoor dining table and set of chairs is a great way to enjoy entertaining in your outdoor oasis.

A Luxury Outdoor Oasis Is Right Through Those Doors

There’s nothing better than having the option for living spaces outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a place to entertain guests or host small get-togethers with your friends and family, indoor-outdoor living is a good option for you.

Turn your backyard and patio space into the ultimate gathering space with these outdoor oasis ideas for you, your family, and all your guests to enjoy. These five essentials will transform your patio space, and you may never want to go back inside.

Ready to enjoy the outdoors in luxury? Allow us to create your own personal outdoor oasis.