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Top 10 Cross Training Exercises for the Swim Spa

When you’re trying to improve your whole life, you can start by simply improving your exercise regimen. You’ll have clearer thoughts, a body that works better, and you’ll also feel youthful and energetic.

By doing an underwater workout, you’ll reap the rewards of water resistance, which can give you life-changing results.

To get these benefits on the regular, you’d do well to invest in a swim spa. Consider these tips below to learn more about this form of training.

1. Always Add More Resistance

After taking a dip into a swim spa, you are subjecting yourself to increasing levels of resistance. With most spas, you can turn up the current in order to raise the difficulty and resistance as you build your strength.

There are several health benefits that come with swim spa therapy since swimming and underwater movement is excellent for every muscle on your body.

2. Use the Motion of Your Profession or Lifestyle

To really get the most out of your swim spa experience, make sure that you’re exercising in a way that serves your lifestyle.

Whether you’re building your body for longevity or rehabbing an injury, make sure to mimic the motions you do on a regular basis. For instance, if you work a labor-intensive job, you can do exercises in the spa that replicate the motions.

If you practice sport recreationally or professionally, mimicking those moves in the spa will help these motions become second nature. The repetition builds muscle memory in your subconscious, which will make these motions effortless when you don’t have to contend with the resistance.

3. Perfect Your Swimming Strokes

Of course, don’t forget that these therapy pools are also beneficial for swimming.

Take this time to perfect your swimming strokes for your health and to sharpen your skills. When you nail your swimming strokes, it will help you work with the water and cut through resistance.

4. Put Some Miles in Jogging

These spas are excellent for jogging as well.

When you regularly log some miles through jogging, you’ll build your stamina and endurance, strengthen your muscles, tone your body, and decrease stress as though it melts away.

The resistance of your spa will help you improve your technique and even get faster and more endurance when it’s time to get back on land.

5. Do Reps of Steps

The steps of the swim spa also offer you a useful piece of exercise equipment.

By doing multiple reps of stepping up and back down, you can build up your muscles and endurance. Make sure to focus on your breathing when working these steps, and vary your speed and timing.

6. Grab Some Paddles, Dumbells, or Kettlebells

You can also bring exercise equipment to your swim spa.

By grabbing things like dumbbells and kettlebells, you can do any number of curls, deadlifts, or presses. You can build your lower body by paddling against various degrees of resistance while hanging onto the edge of the spa.

7. Build Your Core

Take the time to build your core muscles since they tie together your whole body. When you have a strong back and core, you’ll have life-changing endurance and will move your entire body more comfortably.

This helps you to get rid of pain also because you won’t have to worry about muscles overcompensating and tearing due to weaknesses in your core. There are countless core exercises you can do, such as hip swivels and crunches.

8. Do Some Underwater Yoga

Yoga is packed with infinite benefits that play into your athletic performance, quality of life, and mental health.

Doing yoga underwater and with resistance carries with it even more benefits. You’ll be able to hold several yoga poses that help you balance your body weight, clear your mind, and focus on your breathing.

Practicing yoga has been shown to help people out in so many different ways, including keeping your cholesterol in check and improving your sex drive. It’ll make it so your blood circulates more productively and completely, which is good for literally every aspect of your health.

9. Pushups and Presses

Take to the swim spa and make sure that you are regularly doing pushups and presses. This will help you build your muscle endurance and range of motion, and this will result in phenomenal strength without ever having to touch a weight.

Doing pushups with regularity will help you build total body strength and range of motion. Even though you are building this strength, underwater pushups and presses help you do it in a way that is gentle for your body.

10. Martial Arts Technique

If you want to take your martial arts technique to the next gear, try practicing it in a swim spa.

This will make you stronger and more effective on the mat and will get your technique iron sharp and precise. Take whatever you learn in the gym to the swim spa and you’ll transform your body in ways you never thought you could.

Make Use of Your Swim Spa

When you invest in a swim spa, you can improve your health by leaps and bounds.

These are the exercises that you’ll want to do on a regular basis in order to transform yourself. If you want what’s best for your health and your total lifestyle, we would love to sell you a spa.

Check out our swimming pools and spas, and make sure to contact us online or at (507)288-2639 if you have any questions.