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Tundra 210

The YETI® Tundra® 210 is our deepest cooler with a smaller, cubed footprint. That cavernous space combined with less surface area lets you haul a mighty load of food or drinks without taking up too much space in your truck, trailer, or boat. Of course, all that efficiency of space doesn’t do you much good if it can’t keep your supplies cold. But come on — this is a YETI. All that makes this the perfect cooler to take to the remote job site, on extended hunting and fishing expeditions, longer camping trips, all-day tailgates, or any other endeavor that requires maximum carrying capacity.

NOTE: All Tundra models come standard with one dry goods basket.


Primary Specs
Outside 24” × 39 3/8” × 25 1/2”
Inside 19 3/4” × 31” × 17 3/8”
Empty Weight 62 lbs
Additional Specs
Cans of Beer 140 (using 2:1 ice to beer ratio)
Pounds of Ice (only) 208


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